Vertigo Fi 95 Air Source Heat Pump
Vertigo Fi 95 Air Source Heat Pump
Vertigo Fi 95 Air Source Heat Pump

Vertigo Fi 95 Air Source Heat Pump

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Poolex Vertigo Fi 95 Air Source Heat Pump: Efficient, Economical, and Silent

Elevate your pool experience with the latest generation heat pump from Take Wellness - the Poolex Vertigo Fi 95. Designed to be efficient, economical, and virtually silent, this cutting-edge air source heat pump sets a new standard for pool heating technology.

Key Features:

  • Full Inverter Technology:  Enjoy a 35% increase in savings with the Full Inverter mode, featuring a multi-frequency compressor and variable-speed fan.
  • Wide Capacity Range:  Available in 11 capacities ranging from 5.5 to 35 kW, the Vertigo Fi 95 offers the largest range from Poolex to suit pools of various sizes.
  • Space-Saving Design: The vertical form and upward ventilation require minimal discharge area, allowing easy installation even in confined spaces, making it perfect for discreet placement.
  • Quiet Operation:  Experience reduced electrical consumption and minimal sound pressure with the soft start functionality and continuous operation at reduced speed.
  • LED Status Indicators: Poolex's LED technology provides clear status indications in three colors:

Green: Target temperature reached
Blue: Pool heating in progress
Red: Heat pump not in operation

  • Advanced Technology: The Vertigo Fi 95 incorporates Twisted Tech© titanium heat exchanger, ensuring durability and efficiency.
  • Reversible Operation: Enjoy year-round comfort with the reversible feature for both cooling and heating.
  • Automatic Defrosting: Cycle inversion ensures automatic defrosting, maintaining optimal performance in varying weather conditions.
  • Salt Treatment Compatibility: Compatible with salt treatment for hassle-free pool maintenance.
  • Heat Pump: 3 years
  • Compressor: 7 years
  • Titanium Coil (against corrosion): 15 years

Invest in the Poolex Vertigo Fi 95 Air Source Heat Pump and indulge in a pool heating solution that combines style, efficiency, and durability.

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